How it Began

It all started with my mother buying an Edible Birdhouse for a friend at a local commercial store.  After looking at it I realized I could easily make that and started looking up recipes.  Once I created them I decided to start selling them at a local vendor bingo (and still attend to this day).  The demand was so great that I decided to start listing my items on Etsy to reach more people and share my love for making my bird seed items!  

I test all my products outside to make sure the birds like them, if they stand up to the weather, etc.  Starting simply with just birdseed and some peanuts I found my houses in pieces and dragged clear across my yard!  Watching the squirrels destroy my hard work wasn't going to work for me OR for my customers!  After doing extensive research, and a LOT more trials outside with help from the squirrels, I finally feel confident enough to keep them outside without the squirrels destroying them!   I started creating all my houses and ornaments in my own unique way by incorporating hot pepper which squirrels do NOT like (as well as chipmunks, deer and bear).

About the Product

After attending different events and craft fairs through the years and getting a lot of feedback, criticism and skepticism  from various people, I took all that information to try and better my product.  

Each wooden house is decorated by hand, each panel of the houses are done one at a time to ensure an even spread of seed and hot pepper.  The seed on each house is picked specifically to ensure it sticks to the house properly, I discovered that different kinds of seed  will stick better than others.  The variety of seed I use can be colorful and attracts various different birds (I still get excited when I see a new one on the houses)!   

The ornaments are all uniquely mixed with hot pepper (mix is not store bought) and before the ornaments dry, each one is hand brushed with hot pepper on the outside as well!     

Below you'll find "Pictures at the Beginning" to show you what the houses looked like when I first started making them!